Friday, October 06, 2006

Here's to WordPress

I've done it. I like it. And I don't give a damn about moving the stuff I got here to WP. I'll just set links.


Old website's infested with a virus

Those of you who do know the URL of my ooooooold webite (*.de-domain) - don't go there anymore! I've cancelled my registration last months, and some offshore company in Bulgaria has already seized it for their dubious businesses. As soon as you enter the site, a setup.exe will be launched... Mac users can't be bothered, but those windows users who have actually set a link to this page should get rid of it at soon as possible.

WordPress or Blogger?

Sam has practically already convinced me to move to wordpress with my blog, yet I'd first like to figure out whether I can export this ole blog as is to wordpress - pics and all? Isn't this the age of content syndication?

And: Apparently anonymous comments aren't possible on this very blog - either due to my settings or due to Blogger's restrictions.

If they had been possible, she would have posted this comment re: Marilyn.

“I read somewhere a while ago that Marilyn was a size 16, which is also amazing compared to today’s ‘requirements’ for women to be size 6 or 8. Size 16 doesn’t even have to be fat - it can just mean that you have wide hips, for example. I think Marilyn wouldn’t stand a chance in today’s world as a model and/or film star.”

And someone needs to find out about this trackback function, too. Haven't been able to get my head around it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A body of the 1950s

While preparing a seminar lesson on actors and stars, I stumbled upon this centerfold appearance by Marilyn Monroe in the December 1953 Playboy. I had learned about its existence a decade ago when I was a student in an "Introduction to Film Studies" lecture myself, but I cannot remember that we were actually shown pictures.

Isn't that amazing? What a change in body image over the past fifty years. You hardly see such breasts any longer, as modern day pin-ups mostly have silicon implants, which makes their breasts look like melons, little globes cut in half, and somehow permanently erected. I like Marilyn's breasts much better! Also, she didn't go to the gym (i.e. she did some type of work-out, but not of the muscle-defining type that the chicks do these days). There even is an indication of a belly, which I think is quite beautiful, but not muscle-flexing on her arms or chest! And how delicate does her skin look, unspoiled by beach vacations or sunbeds!

Compare this with the "beauty" of UK's Big Brother celebrity Lea, also known as "The biggest boobs of Britain":

I found MM's picture here, on the 4th of October 2006, and I don't have the copyright, neither does the guy who published it in Belgium, I guess. Lea's pic was part of a Sun Online article.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My New Mittens

A colleague of mine took my picture, not with the intention to take MY picture, but in order to get pictures showing the crochet mittens she made (and might be interested in marketing). I like the mittens, but maybe I dig the pictures even more (I don't like posing, but she took so many of them that a few turned out rather nicely).

Friday, September 15, 2006

Just a brief update


The beauty of an empty tourist ship during sunset...


Captain, my Captain, the piano has been drinking! We were running on empty on booze, how he's started to guzzle down the lake itself! Look what he's done already!

Chief Sitting Bull

...concealed by and within the protuberances of a mountain which is dubbed "The Sleeping Lady from Greece" by the locals....


Check this out! What a scenic juxtaposition of sea, land and mountain!

Upper Austria

Paid me ferst visit to Herbert's parents last week, and to Gmunden, the place were he grew up. And it was also soooo very nice... lovely people, lovely countryside, delicious cakes and tangy coffee. Let's hope that 13 is my lucky number!

Long hair

My hair has become really long now, and is curlier than ever.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Done for

Ok, I've had it for this year. At a rough estimate, I've spent twenty to twentyfive weekends in the train, on the road or on a plane, with a final spell of four weeks on the CELTA course in Edinburgh.

If I had it my way, all the people I love would come to Austria from now on ... (shhhhhhh... one, the most precious one, is coming back to me tomorrow:-)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Don't shout!

The other day someone who I thought I liked yelled at me. We had a disagreement regarding the interpretation of a situation, and our views were rather irreconcilable. But even if she had been right (which she wasn't;-), I still keep pondering this incident. What's the point of shouting? Getting the anger off yer chest? Well done, you, it doesn't really enhance the quality of your argument, quite on the contrary. People who shout at you just don't look like people you like any more. They look ugly. They look like someone you don't want to know.

Makes you (me) wonder and question in general why people keep shouting at each other when they actually mean to settle differences. I guess that I have shouted at people a couple of times in my life too, in particular at family (at friends I haven't shouted much, I don't think - *relief*).

Bottomline: Shouting, if justifiable or not, is pretty unattractive. Look at this angry fella: Would you like to chill with this chap?

(That's actually quite an accurate rendition of what she looled like when she shouted at me, I have to say... picture found here: [03/09/06]

Either way I look at it: I just don't like her as much as I did before anymore.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Edinburgh blog

..begins » here.

Monster's ball

An odd sweet treat available in off-license shops in Cologne.

Cologne Sunrise

One of the coziest parties I had the honour to attend in a while: a drum and bass party in an artists' camp outside Europe's largest bordello:-)

This is the bordello, the Pascha, decorated with a huge tarp with all the falgs of the countries competing in the football world cup. They modified the original motto "Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden (The World paying a visit to friends)" into "the world paying a visit to girl friends". If you lool closely you'll notice that one flag is blackened - that's the flag of Saudi-Arabia. Local muslim groups had threatened the owners of the Pascha when they first put on the tarp:-)

The sun's rising over Cologne - it's been a while that I last saw this.