Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Germany has now adopted the photography standard required for capturing biometric data (and Austria is also gearing up for it). The last photograph I took myself and which or so I figured was suitable for biometrics (and also accepted by the US embassy in Frankfurt) was this one:

Alas, the German "Honorary Consulate" didn't approve - because my mouth wasn't closed and I was also too pink they claimed (but can you ever be pink enough... is a question is only asked myself in quiet).

So here comes the true mugshot, a picture I had taken especially for this passport - and another proof that my hairdo has gone entirely out of control. Must say though that (while being more than HALF a year older) I don't look half as much like the stale spinster I seem to be on the pic above. S'pose criminal energy (or the appeal of it) has a juvenating effect. This might also be considered evidence of your local photographers capacity. What ever.